My name is Tibor Imre, I have been an angler ever since I was a kid. I have long been amazed by all kinds of hand-crafted objects and I was lucky enough to learn the art of wood- and bone-carving from my father when I was young. Together with my Father I worked for European royal families from England to Austria carving various bones and wooden material, restoring several invaluable artwork made of ivory.

It was several years ago when I got my hands on a beautiful split cane rod at an exhibition and I was so amazed by the craftmanship incorporated in this rod, that it was clear that I have to build one for myself. I have been the owner and general manager of a company from the plastic industry so I have decades of experience on making machine-tools for various projects, while bone/wood-carving and engraving continued as a hobby for me and lathes and wood-mills were always at hand at my home-workshop. Finally, I bought a lot of bamboo culms, made some stainless steel planing forms, bought all missing hand tools and started to build my first ever split cane rod, that I still use. Oh, yes, You are right, I could not stop at that point, I kept on learning and building rods one after the other. My rods were getting better and better and I found myself with requests from my friends to build rods for them as well. Soon, the Imre Tibor rod building service was started officially.

I am still an avid angler and I like float fishing on the Danube just like I like flyfishing on the limestone-creeks of the Balkan or spinning for asp on the Tisza. On my own little lake I often chase carp and pike and this is the place where I test new rods most of the time.