Coarse Rods

In Hungary, as well as in most countries in Europe there are nice traditions of trotting on rivers just as well of various kinds of float fishing techniques on lakes. We have been building split cane coarse rod for years, using vintage English rods as templates most of the time. Most of our traditional angler friends love our ’Avon’ rod based on the ’Chapman 500’ by R. Chapman & Co. (10’ two piece with separate handle) as well as our ’MKIV Avon’ (10’ two piece) based on the B. James ’MKIV Avon’ that was designed and made famous by Mr. Richard Walker. These are very nice rods for even the largest tench, barbel, ide and chub, and would not run away when sighting an average carp neither, so these can be used as a general float rod. If You are looking for a float rod especially built for carp fishing, please click here.

If You are an avid float fisherman (like We are) often fishing larger rivers trotting floats down the line, then You will find that the rod lenght of 10’ is not enough and a lenght of 11-12’ is what You need! However, holding a traditional split cane rod in a lenght larger than 10’ is a challenge by itself considering the weight of these rods. We did not want our clients to feel stiff after a few hours of fishing so we introduced two hollow-built coarse rods in the Imre Tibor product line.

Our shorter and stronger hollow-built rod is named ’Tisza’ (11’ – 330 cm, 3 pieces) and the longer one is called ’Danube’ (11’ 8” - 350 cm, 3 pieces). The weight of these rods is significantly reduced (at least by 30%) compared to a solid rod of the same size, these are perfectly balanced elegant rods that have a much faster action, and crispier feel to them. You can use these light rods all day long without get fatigued, and due to the fast action picking the line up and setting the hook have never been easier. The ’Danube’ rod is recommended for float fishing for roach, bream, ide, chub that can deal with the occasional barbel that knock on your door, however if you fish for large specimen of barbel most of the time, the ’Tisza’ is the rod for You. We build solid versions of the same rods for fishing with waggler floats on lakes, where weight of the rod is less important.

Should You have any special idea or request, sure We can help You building the rod of Your dreams!