Carp Rods

Our rivers and lakes are perfect habitat for wild carp, it is enough to have a look at the populations of lake Balaton or the river Danube. Carp has been the most frequently caught game fish in Hungary so the traditions of carp fishing have been dated back for centuries. Beautiful carp rods are made in the Imre Tibor workshop from the traditional anglers of float to the modern large lead and boilie folks.
  • Stalking Rods: These Imre Tibor rods are based on the rods of the famous English carp-angler legend, Richard Walker, namely the ’MK IV. Avon’ and its stronger brother, the ’MK IV. Carp’ rods.
    Our ’MKIV Avon’ rods are perfect for float fishing or touch ledgering for large bream, tench, barbel and up to the average carp sizes. The rod is a 10’ (300cm), two piece rod. The ’MKIV Carp’ is the same 10’ (300cm) in lenght in two pieces, but is stronger to be able to land even larger specimen carp.
  • Reedside rods: For the traditional Hungarian method of carp fishing that is done by the side-inlets of a reed-wall on lakes, we build 10’ (300cm) 2-piece, or 11’ (330cm) 3-piece rods with extra power that helps the angler to pull carps and grass-carps away from the reed. These rods are perfect for the traditional pull-up float fishing technique.
  • Boilie carp rods: We advise to deliver your rig to the right spot in any way You wish except throwing it in with a split cane rod when it comes to boilie-fishing. These rods can withstand severe force that form during fishing, however these beautiful rods are not meant to throw 8 oz leads to large distances. We offer 3 different kinds of boilie carp rods: We have a 9’ 2 piece (playing a fish from a boat is easy with this short rod), a 10’ 2 or 3 piece and a 11’ boilie split cane rod made of 3 pieces. These can be perfectly used with boilie-rigs as soon as the end tackle is delivered by boat or any other means except distance-throwing. Also, they are perfect for standard bottom fishing techniques using corn or pellett baits, as well as for method-feeder rigs using smaller (1-2 OZ, 30-60g) weights.