Spinning Rods

One of are greatest passions is spinning. Few knows, but there were times in Hungary when most tackle stores carried a line of lures (spoons and spinning blades) manufactured by the Imre family. This was decades ago, however we go spinning for pike, asp, zander and catfish regularly ever since.

We use modern graphite spinning rods where we are out especially for large catfish or zander with plastic lures, where a very fast action rod is good at hand. However, for everything else, our split cane spinning rods are perfect and it is hard to explain the joy and pleasure that is caused by catching a nice fish on a split cane spinning rod. It has to be felt!

We build three basic types of rods in the traditional (spinning) as well as in casting version, but we can build anything between 6’ (180cm) and 10’ (300cm) lenghts according to Your wish.

Practically, these 3 types of rods are very useful:
  • 7’ (210 cm) light spinning rod, with an 5-15g casting weight. Such spinning rods were manufactured by most renowned English, German and French manufacturers and these rods are perfect for spinning for perch, chub and trout using small wobblers, or tiny spinners and bledes.
  • 7’6” (225cm) – 8’6” (255cm) split cane spinning rods: We have experimanted a lot with these rods and we are happy to state that we come very close to create thet perceft all-rounder split cane rod. After testing more than 10 English and American made spinning rods in the wild, we found that the best base to start from is the Orvis Bettenkill Impregnated HD spinning rod (7’6” (225cm), two piece) from 1951. This is a beautifully flamed dark caramel coloured medium-fast spinning rod. This one proved to be a true asp-hunter rod, however for ones with longer hands the cork on the handle is on the short side, so we finally added 6” to the overall lenght of the rod and 2” to the cork grip and we created a hollow-built version with the same parameters. We are very proud of the results and we think that with this 8’ (240cm) medium rod (for lines 6-10 lbs) we created the perfect spinning rod that is made of natural materials. This is just perfect for bass, asp, zander and does not run away from the average pike either.
  • 8’ (240cm)-9’(270cm) spinning rods for pike. If our primery goal is to catch pike, we will need stronger rods than the above ones, especially if we are after the larger (sometimes 20 lbs, 10kg +) specimen. We can build beautiful strong split cane rod based on vintage tapers of salmon spinning rods. These normally fit the 15-40g casting weight set, and can be used for stalking carp just as well for spinning for pike or salmon. These are very hard to break when playing a fish…